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We have 2 pugs, these bowls have slowed them down, keeps their faces clean and no bloat. You will never need another bowl for your dog.

Stephanie Humphrey

Amazing product! My French Bulldog eats with ease and can breathe, she doesn’t hack after and less gas. I can’t recommend you highly enough. Good Work!

Katharine McKee Beaird

I was skeptical, but this is so worth it. My Boxer no longer drops kibble, is clean and eats much slower!

Torie Livziey

My 15 year old Golden Retriever had part of her jaw removed, making eating almost impossible for her. Now she eats easily on her own. I am so happy with this bowl!

Chris White

We got this bowl for my Bull mastiff and we love it! Much easier time eating, without gulping air trying to chase his food around the bottom of the bowl. Happy purchase!

Julie Mowgli

It has worked perfectly for my Chinese Shar Pei puppy! Now she is finishing meals and gaining weight! Thank you.

Amber Sanders

My Shih Tzu finishes his food and there is no mess. Seems like eating is not a chore for him now.

Russell Salek

Great product for my English bulldog. It has made feeding time much easier for him. I recommend anyone with a dog to give this bowl a try!

Kirk Loveless Jr.