We have designed a veterinary approved bowl that will increase the pleasurable experience your pet will have while feeding

Why The Enhanced Pet Bowl?

The Enhanced Pet Bowl will help all breeds, whether it is your cat, dog or rabbit they will benefit with the use of The Enhanced Pet Bowl. Older pets will also find the many merits of this simple modification. Today’s pet bowls are what man has made for himself, not for our beloved friends. The Enhanced Pet Bowl was originally designed for pets with flat faces (Brachycephalic Breeds) who struggle to eat out of a flat bowl, The Enhanced Pet Bowl with it's pet friendly multi-levels provides your pet greater access to its meal.

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The Design

The Enhanced Bowl is an over sized bowl with a ridge designed into the bowl with a downward slope.

Your pet will use its tongue to separate smaller pieces of food and place it on the ridge, do to gravity the food falls back down the ridge at which time your pet will use its tongue and/or teeth to eat grab the food and eat its meal with an increased sense of pleasure than it was eating before. Any food that it does not eat simply falls back to centre of the bowl, this means no mess from food that has come out of the bowl and makes very easy for your pet to get at the food again.

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I just bought the Enhanced Pet Bowl for my pug Chester and he loves it! Works very well!

- Jerrilyn Walter

Just got the bowl for the boys! I instantly saw a change in how much easier it was for them to eat and the bowl didn't move around the kitchen floor! Fantastic! I wish I bought them sooner!

- Karin Failla

I've had the Enhanced Pet Bowl for a while for my Frenchie. No more food pushed over the side of the bowl onto the floor. Also no more food smeared all over his nose!

- Karen Shraeder

We have two bowls like this in stainless steel. They are awesome and really very easy to clean. Love them!!

- Denise Steen Crout

I started eating out of Enhanced Pet Bowl a few months ago. It is made especially for flat faced breeds. My mealtime is so much more enjoyable! I leave less of a mess, eat at a normal rate (no more inhaling my food) and less Burps or Toots.

- Baby Howard (Celebrity English Bulldog)

My English Bulldog boy loves his Enhanced Pet Bowl. No more farting!

- Sandy Andreasen Grant

Just got the Enhanced Pet Bowl for my pug Joey. It is amazing for flat faced breeds! No more mess or food in her wrinkles!

- Kathy Chism

My 11 year old boston terrier Nena never ate out of a bowl. She would refuse. First hours with her Enhanced Pet Bowl and she is loving it. No more mess for me. Worth every dollar.

- Moniquinha Eboli‎

Our Jack-Jack has gone through his first day, both breakfast and, now dinner with his brand new bowl: the Enhanced Pet Bowl. Just seeing him use it has added a bright spot in our household.Thanks for making this product!

- Janeen Towne‎

Our Boston, Titus, is enjoying the Enhanced Pet Bowl he got for Christmas. No more leftover food in the sides of his bowl! I hated throwing away wasted food. I will be recommending this to all my friends with flat faced fur babies.

- Marcia Parker