What is the diameter of each bowl?

The small, medium and large stainless steel bowls are 6, 8 and 11 inches respectively.

How deep is the bowl?

The bowl is 2.5 inches deep at its deepest section. Although the Enhanced Pet Bowl is not made like a standard bowl so it is hard to make any decisions on this measurement.

Can I purchase the bowl and stand?

Yes you always have the option to purchase the bowl and stand if you do not want to take advantage of our free bowl and stand program.

What is your return policy?

If you opt in to our free bowl and stand program, then there are no returns, simply exchanges, if after trying out the bowl and stand for 2 weeks you believe another size would work better you can send them back for an exchange. Any other products, if not opened, can be returned for a credit which you will receive in the form of points that you can put towards other products. You will be responsible for the cost shipping any products back to us.

If you paid for the bowl and stand, you can return them for a refund. The bowl and stand need to be in a new condition, if they are used you will get a refund less $6.00 per item. Any refunds do not include shipping. You are responsible for the cost of shipping any products back to us.

How does the bowl fit on the stand?

If you have a small bowl and stand, then the large ring sits on the bottom and the small ring on top. The small bowl will sit on the stand, with the ring of the stand coming up just on the inside of the bowl.

If you have a medium stand, the stands are double sided, with one ring for the medium bowl and one ring for the large bowl. If it is not fitting properly, try flipping the stand. The ring of the stand should come up just on the inside of the bowl.

If you find the bowl is not sitting properly on the stand, even with the ring coming up on the inside of the bowl. Simply try squeezing the opening in the stand when placing the bowl on the stand. You may need to do this a few times, but the stand should then take form to the bowl.

How does the Lifetime Warranty work?

You must sign up with an account for us so we can track your Lifetime warranty. Then you simply need to spend a minimum of $15.00 a month with us starting on the second month. So after your initial order, we ask that you spend a minimum of $15.00 a month with us to keep your lifetime warranty in tact. We calculate this amount every 3 months, so if you decide to make you first reorder after 3 months, make sure the order is worth a minimum of $45.00.

The Lifetime warranty ensure you always have a good quality bowl on hand at all times. So if the rubber ever rips, or if the bowl ever dents you will be sent a new one. You simply need to send us a picture of the ripped rubber or dented bowl and we will send you out a replacement. The rubber replacement is limited to 2 per year, any more will be assessed on an individual basis. The replacement bowl is limited to 1 per year, any more will be assessed on an individual basis.

How does the points program work?

You gain points on every purchase. These points can be put towards other free products on our site. We are constantly adding new high quality products you so will always have products to put your points towards. In order to gain points, you must sign up for an account. If you choose not sign up for an account we cannot assign you points.