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Finally! How To ensure your ENGLISH BULLDOG lives a happier and healthier lifestyle

Dear Concerned English Bulldog Owner,

If you want to stop your bulldog's digestion issues, stop their vomiting, or even if you just want to reduce their smelly farts significantly, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in your bulldog's world, eating from an Enhanced Pet bowl or NOT can mean the difference between living a happy life full of energy and vibrant health or a life full of suffering and poor health!

"For a few weeks, Optimus hasn’t been eating right away. When does a bulldog not eat? We’re talking 2 hours max his schedule. He’s not sick or anything. Mom and dad switch on the feeding so we thought he was punishing us. Then there’s the maybe the food is too frozen and he’s waiting for it to thaw. Or, maybe he knows better than to go on a diet? 🤔 Then mom, the smart one 😏, bought @enhancedpetproducts & Voila! Back to getting excited on his food."

He stopped vomiting after eating, and his gas is considerably less!

“When Mike was a puppy, he had digestion issues and would vomit after he ate, and would have horrible gas. Since we started using the enhanced pet bowl with the raised stand, he stopped vomiting after eating, and his gas is considerably less! We are very pleased. Will never use anything else!” - Diane

My name is Bill Harris and I'm the founder of Enhanced Pet Products.

When my beloved French Bulldogs, Lacey and Eva, were struggling to eat during mealtimes, I needed a solution that would keep them healthy and allow them to enjoy the food they were eating. I began designing a unique feeding bowl, the Enhanced Pet Bowl, which would transform their lives forever. Lacey and Eva's lives have been changed forever and for the better. I love my pets and I want every pet to be able to eat without struggling and to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

This Enhanced Pet Bowl is going to transform your dog's life forever and the way your dog eats. You'll see a healthier dog in less than 30 days. Guaranteed or your money back!

Every minute you wait is another minute your dog's lifespan reduces and your dog deserves to live a happier and healthier lifestyle---just like you.

I love this bowl and wish I had this years ago!

Over 55% of pets are suffering!

For years I have watched the "flat-faced" dogs and cats struggle to get food out of bowls and end up with it all over their faces. The bowl allows food to roll down to a spot that makes it easier for her to get it and as well provides a slope for her to push against and prevents food from getting stuck in "corners". - Dr. Tracy Smith, DVM

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You'll discover why the Enhanced Pet Bowl is the most valuable and least inexpensive product to give your English bulldog that will increase its health and wellbeing
  • You'll understand exactly how the Enhanced Pet Bowl will help you save money on vet, medical, and food bills
  • You'll spend less time cleaning up food mess and vomit, and less time visiting the vet so you can spend more time with your furbaby
  • You'll know exactly how to improve your English bulldog's health and lifestyle without having to spend hours searching for answers online
  • You'll see your dog significantly happier and healthier while avoiding the stinky farts, vomiting, and shortened lifespan

What a difference the Enhanced Pet Bowl made!

Olivia, a Bulldog, is one of the messiest eaters you will ever meet. Each mealtime is followed by 5 minutes of cleaning the area around her bowl – kibble and crumbs scatter everywhere. Some days, she becomes so frustrated that she dumps the entire contents of her bowl all over the floor. What a difference the Enhanced Pet Bowl made. As Olivia enthusiastically gulped down her meal, there was almost no mess at all.

  • When you begin to see the amazing difference in your dog because of the Enhanced Pet Bowl, think about how good you'll feel as a dog owner WITHOUT having to spend thousands on expensive supplements!
  • When you see less gas, less stress, less gas, and less mess---think about how you've given your dog a new breath of life. Your dog is less stressed and healthier---your dog is happy.
  • See yourself as a responsible dog owner who treats your dog as a true member of your family without having too much input from a vet

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Enhanced Pet Bowl

The Enhanced Pet Bowl is uniquely designed for Flat-Faced Pets like English Bulldogs to resolve their short and long-term health issues! Our bowl not only enhances their eating experience, but it also extends their lifespan by resolving many of the health problems that stem simply from using a bowl that's not meant for them.

Our bowl's unique patented ridge will help your dog separate its food and slow down its eating. The ridge's angled design allows your dog to push its food up and have the food slide back right into its mouth. The bowl's outer angle design promotes better posture for your dog while eating, and the heavy-duty rubber ring at the bottom prevents the bowl from sliding. The Oversized feeding area gives your dog lots of room to eat and saves you time cleaning. The optional and highly recommended Enhanced Pet Stand is the perfect complement to the Enhanced Pet Bowl. It helps elevate the bowl to allow more comfort and provide even greater posture since your dog won't have to bend down and strain its neck while he's eating.