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Are You Doing Everything You Can for Your Flat-Faced Pet’s Health?

Bulldogs, pugs, and other flat-faced pets are beloved by pet owners the world over. Unfortunately due to breeding, these sweet creatures are born into a lifetime of health problems. Cute as they may be, they suffer from a variety of problems that range from respiratory to digestive. What’s worse is that you as a pet owner might inadvertently causing your flat-faced pet even more harm.

When your pet feasts from their dish or attempts to lap up water, it’s a struggle for flat-faces to access what they need. Using a traditional pet bowl, they are forced to eat at a 90-degree angle downwards. By doing so, they are fighting a losing battle with gravity. To combat this, flat-faced animals like the bulldog and pug eat faster as a means to eat their meal. 

If you’ve ever eaten too quickly yourself, you might find that a short time later, you’re plagued with digestive woes. Imagine if every meal you ate was this way. With food on their faces and all over the floor, you’ve also got clean-up duty post-feeding.

The real issue at hand is your pet’s health though. You’ve probably had your share of vet visits to get to the root of the digestive issues, and you’re probably tired of watching the creature you love so dearly having to eat off the floor just to get every last morsel of food. Or worse, regurgitating after improperly consuming it. 

At long last though, there’s a veterinary-approved solution that will change the way your bulldog eats for the better. One that will instantly make them healthier and happier, save you from endless vet visits, and is available for an extremely low price.

One Simple Solution for a Healthier Bulldog

Traditional pet bowls are designed as a one-size-fits-all dish. These bowls don’t accommodate for flat faces, for they are flat themselves. This makes it impossible for your pet to eat properly. Trying to adapt to the flat surface, they snarf down their food in a shovel-like motion which winds up causing them a lifetime of digestive issues from gas to regurgitation.

The Enhanced Pet Bowl is a patented, veterinarian-approved design developed specifically for flat-faced pets. The unique design creates a more natural 45-degree angle for them to eat from, allowing them to take their time chewing their food. Your bulldog can separate the food in the dish itself and eat consistently in one sitting.

There’s no more mess for you to clean up and no more problems with post-meal vomiting or digestive issues that force you to run to the vet. Best of all, you’ll know your pet is happier, healthier, and more comfortable, and isn’t that what every animal lover wants?

Experience the Difference of the Enhanced Pet Bowl

Now that you know what this daily struggle does to your pet’s health, you can do something about it by getting the Enhanced Pet Bowl. This patented product is approved by veterinarians and is designed to improve digestive issues while allowing your pet to enjoy every morsel, bite for bite.

This unique design puts food within easy reach of your flat-faced pet so they can eat with ease. Plus, it’s made from premium stainless steel so you’ll never have to worry about it rusting or growing harmful bacteria. It’s dishwasher-safe too so you can clean it with ease. 

The Enhanced Pet Bowl makes life better for both pets and pet owners by solving a common meal-time problem. If you own a flat-faced pet, do what thousands of other happy pet owners have done and get one for your pet. Right now, the low price has been slashed even further to 20% less, but only for a limited time.

If you love your pet, give them the best. Not only will they eat more efficiently, but also their health will improve as well. Click below to get this one simple solution that will help your pet live a longer, healthier life and save you time from messy clean-ups too!

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