We have designed a veterinary approved bowl that will increase the pleasurable experience your Cat will have while feeding

Why the Enhanced Pet BowlTM?

Your cat will benefit greatly with the use of the Enhanced Pet BowlTM. Older cat's will also find the many merits of this simple modification. Pet bowls today are what man has made for him/herself, not for our beloved cats. The Enhanced Pet BowlTM was designed for cats, with their flat faces who struggle to eat out of a flat bowl. The Enhanced Pet BowlTM with it's pet friendly multi-levels provides your cat greater access to its meal. Gift Cards Available! 

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The Design

The Enhanced Pet BowlTM was designed with an oversized feeding area in the front of the bowl and a ridge designed into the back end of the bowl.

The Enhanced Pet BowlTM Design will now allow your cat to separate smaller pieces of food and push them up on the ridge in the bowl, giving your cat the opportunity to eat bite sizes of food in the bowl itself. Rather than eating at a 90 degree downwards and having to deal with the mounds of food in one place, they are able to eat on an angled surface, providing them with a greater sense of pleasure. The Results; Less Mess, Less Gas and Better Digestion. Gift Cards Available! 

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My Persian cats love them!

- Martha Seipel

Just got the Enhanced Pet Bowl. It is amazing for flat faced breeds! No more mess on the floor or food in their wrinkles!

- Kathy Chism

Just got the bowl for the boys! I instantly saw a change in how much easier it was for them to eat and the bowl didn't move around the kitchen floor! Fantastic! I wish I bought them sooner!

- Karin Failla